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Soothing Aloe Vera Face Gel
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Soothing Aloe Vera Face Gel
Soothing Aloe Vera Face Gel face wash and face scrub

Soothing Aloe Vera Face Gel

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Our aloe vera face gel formula  is a non-Sticky, non-Greasy skin soothing gel that will soften your skin & help retain surface moisture while providing a calming, grounding effect on your emotions. 

Excellent for hydrating and healing sensitive and dry skin daily without leaving you shiny.

Our aloe gel can be used as a facial masque, light moisturizer, eye gel, or soothing body gel.

As a mask, apply generously and leave on for 5-20 minutes before rinsing off. As a moisturizer, apply a thin layer and allow to soak in. Apply to areas that need cooling or calming after sun exposure or skin chafing.

Ingredient Highlights: Aloe vera, Geranium essential oil



Use morning and night after using the NaturalAnnie Essentials Gentle Face Scrub (1-2 times per week) and Face Wash (daily). Apply a small amount of Face Gel to the face and neck areas and massage gently into skin.


Aloe vera gel and essential oils



CAUTION: External use only.

 It is recommended to perform a skin test before use.
 Discontinue if any allergic reaction occurs.