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Help us reach 10K!

July is my birthday month (today, July 12th to be exact) and in a few days i'll be heading to my Island home Jamaica! Since I can't possibly bring you all with me (Oh what a GRANDE time that would be), I'll be running this instagram giveaway so you too can have a chance of enjoying a piece of home, what we Jamaicans call "yaard".


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What once took up a corner of my kitchen has slowly taken over my entire house, this is a great problem to have since it means we are growing! I'd be kidding you if I said I wasn't looking for an outside location to house NaturalAnnie Essentials.

BEHIND THE SCENES of a handmade business

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IGTV For The Win!

I'll be sharing business tips as I've learned them and behind the scenes. This will also serve as a platform for me to answer any questions. I get a lot of DMs and often the questions are the same so this will help me to get back to you and answer the same burning question someone else may have.


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Household chores time! *rearranges coffee table clutter*

This room needs a refresh! *studies Pinterest*

Loving that look! *checks bank balance*

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